Can you believe it’s only been 7 months since we officially launched our first two beers at the ever excellent Stockbridge Tap? While we’ve had loads of fun and games building the business from experimenting with recipes and one off brews to events and even our first award win, which makes the long days and graft all that more satisfyingly worth it. 

We’re happy to say – and hear – that the beer keeps on getting better and better. We’ve had amazing feedback so far, and Jonny continues to push himself experimenting with new recipes and ideas. His experience coming from Heriot Watt and time spent at fine local breweries, Alechemy and Stewart Brewing, has clearly proven beneficial. We’ve spent the time needed to build our core beers to a level of quality that we’re proud of and hope you all enjoy them the same. Saying that, our newest beer, “Braw”, is due out this month! More on that soon….*oooh suspense*


Gary & Jonny at the official Cross Borders launch - Stockbridge Tap, July 2017

Gary & Jonny at the official Cross Borders launch – Stockbridge Tap, July 2017


A question we’re often asked is what the highlight has been so far. It’s hard to pick one as there have been so many but if pushed I’d probably have to shoot for our SIBA Scotland bronze award that we won back in November, only 4 months after launching to the public. The award was for our IPA in can format. We really weren’t sure what to expect from our first ever award entry, and we were absolutely over the moon with the response. The recipe has actually been updated since that win and we are even more excited for you all to try it out after our next canning run at the end of February! We’ll also be including our roasty toasty Porter in the canning line up this time around which we’re quite excited about. It’s gone over well on both cask and keg and look forward to seeing it in the can lineup!


Jonny with our bronze award for IPA in cans!

Jonny with our bronze award for IPA in cans!


We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to be working with some fantastic people who run some wonderful bars and pubs in Scotland and, more recently, Northern England. The commitment to sourcing quality local products is alive and well as is the commitment to serving them with the skill, care and attention that beer, and particularly cask, needs and deserves. We have big plans to expand our reach even further this year and look forward to working with more lovely people as we begin to collaborate and get involved in more festivals around the UK! 

We’ll share more about our plans as they progress but some of the big ones we’re excited about include: 

  • Releasing our 5th core beer
    • As mentioned above, “Braw” will be released this month! Our first Meet the Brewer event in Glasgow, on February 17th, will be held at Crossing the Rubicon and will also be our launch for our final beer in our core range! It will be available in cask & keg the following week and in can by the end of March! 
  • The start of our ever changing seasonal beer line up
    • SPRING is in its experimental stages and we’ll be collaborating with a local foraging superstar to bring you something unique to be released March/April!
  • Launching tours and tastings at the brewery as well as off-sales
    • We’re currently awaiting our license to be approved but can’t wait to be able to have people around to the brewery for tours, beers and takeaways! Really hoping to get this going over the next month or two. 
  • Collaboration brews with some of Scotland, the U.K. And Europe’s most respected breweries.
    • Looking forward to branching out and experimenting with some of our mates in the industry! 
  • Commencing a barrel ageing programme with a Scottish craft distillery.
    • Plans are afoot to age a few of our beers to be released from Christmas 2017! 
  • Developing our canned offering to include 5 core products (up from 2 just now).
    • Again, as mentioned above, we hope to have our full core range available in cans by the end of March! This includes Pale, IPA (which are currently available), Porter, Heavy and Braw! 
  • Expand on our merchandise offering
    • Expect branded glasses popping up in bars soon, as well as more t-shirts, badges and, if Dani has her way, beanie hats! 
  • Festivals!
    • We’re planning on getting much more involved in festivals this year with appearances at a few local ones in the pipeline. 


Thanks, again, to all those of you who have stocked, cellared, dispensed and consumed our beers over the past 7 months! It’s been and continues to be an absolute privilege to work alongside you and the support we’ve had from local suppliers, distributors, and more has been so humbling. We expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of us this year and promise to continue to bring you the brawest beer!  



Gary & Jonny