We are so pleased to share that our full core range is officially available in cask, keg and most recently – CAN! First shipments of our newest arrivals, Heavy and Braw, went out last week and most of our regular local stockists have already got them on the shelves! Reviews have been really positive so far and we are so glad we can finally share our beer with a greater number of people.

core range

Our core lineup – now available in unfined, vegan friendly cans!

One of the best parts about getting the full range out is that we can now really work on meeting ever growing demand and pushing our reach further throughout the UK. We are beyond blown away by the amount we have exceeded our initial targets (will get a hold of some actual numbers from Gary soon!) and have taken a few measures to increase production and to ensure we’ve always got stock on our core range. A recent agreement with Royal Mile Whiskies/Drinkmonger here in Edinburgh will also see our beers shipped down to their London store in the next week or so! A few pallets of cask have also gone south of the border via a wholesale distributor and we’ve been excited to see feedback from places such as Cardiff and Bristol!

Seasonal Beers

Due to the increase in demand for our other beers and the changes to production we’ve had to make, we sadly will not be releasing our Spring beer on a larger scale this year. We are, though, releasing a one off cask to James and his team at Carter’s bar next Thursday for a Meet the Brewer event! Working alongside local forager Amy Rankine from Hipsters and Hobos, we’ve experimented with a variety of seasonal Scottish ingredients to bring you something really special! Summer is on schedule to be released in June

Collaborations & Festivals

If you follow us at all on social media (you should, by the way!) you might have seen that brewer Jonny has been even more busy than usual collaborating on a few local brews. First up was “Red Rosehipster” with the Heriot Watt Brewing Society for their annual beer festival and next up will be a one off collab for the Stewart Brewing Festival on May 13th. A kiwi-hopped double IPA is planned and will be brewed at the Craft Beer Kitchen at the Stewart brewery later this month.

We’ve also got a one off special planned for the Cloister’s beer festival later this month so there’s definitely no lack of activities to keep our small team on their toes! Look for us later this summer, as we (or at least our beer) will be popping up at various beer festivals around Scotland!

stewarts beer festival

Stewart Brewing Beer Festival – May 13th – Get your tickets now!

Brewery Public License Approved

It is with great excitement that we also announce that our public license has officially been approved! This means we’ll soon (once we get the brewery tidied for guests) be able to offer brewery tours and do off sales from the brewery. Sales should be up and running in the next couple of weeks so we’d invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on times and availability!