What is “Braw”

By definition, “Braw” is a Scot’s word for something grand, pleasing, beautiful – basically all that is good. At Cross Borders, we believe that life is better when you’re braw which is why we not only include it on the packaging of all beers that we make (including the pinnacle Braw pale ale, itself), we live it. But what is it about us that we think is so “braw?” In this case, braw bleeds into all that we do, from the beers that we produce, to the ways we can actively cut down on our carbon footprints at the brewery itself, to just our general outlook on the industry and life. We brew beer for folks without pretension to be shared in good company no matter where you are. Enjoy it by the pint, schooner, half or third – as enjoying it is the best part!

Be Braw

Don’t Be A Fud

Play Table Tennis

The Attitude


Don’t take life too seriously. We make beer that we want to drink because (really) why else would you start a brewery? Obviously the business side is important which is why we’ve taken the time to build a solid core range we’re happy with, and have the funding and ambition in place to coincide with our growth – which is surpassing expectations even more than we could imagine.

Gary and Jonny
dairy cow

Recycling Spent Grain


When we started up the brewery, we wanted to make sure we could do our best to eliminate waste and be as ecologically friendly as possible. We put out the feelers and got in touch with a local dairy farmer. Now, whenever we get a full bin of grain, we simply call him up and the cows get a feed!

Eco-Friendly Materials

We currently use stainless steel casks and eco-kegs to ship our beer out to pubs. The casks are, naturally, reusuable, and the eco-kegs are easily recyclable (and make excellent bins!) once they’ve been used. We also made the decision to can our beers instead of bottle due to the ease of recycling as well as the bonus of having less chance of oxidisation by can-conditioning the beer.

Our clothing merchandise is also eco-friendly as we use an excellent UK based company who use sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, British Wool, recycled plastic, bamboo and more in their clothing. Their factory is also wind-powered which is pretty braw in itself!